8 June 2020

Wide choice of QUILTERS for mattress panels with both frame and continuous feed.

8 June 2020


TAPE EDGING LINE made up of: nr. 1 x H334 compensating buffer for assembled products to be tape edgednr. 1 x H339 compensating conveyor dimensions 2000x2160mmnr. […]
8 June 2020

Mattress packing machine

1 x H288 RM-4P Mattress packing machine fitted up with infeed ramp and automated packing adjustment. Refurbishment in progress.
8 June 2020

TAPE EDGE MACHINES for mattresses- Traditional and with ergonomic seated and fixed operator position.

8 June 2020

Roll-Pack machine for vacuum-sealed mattresses

1 x H318 SP – Roll-Pack machine for vacuum-sealed mattresses.
8 June 2020

Press for mattress vacuumsealing.

1 x H227 GP – Press for mattress vacuumsealing.
7 June 2020

Shredder machine

Resta Expo 2019 - macchine cucitrici
5 November 2019


Feverish preparations are under way for the RESTA / ATLANTA ATTACHMENT Open House November 10 – 17. So many the innovations on show along with biodegradable […]
7 October 2019

Invitation for the expo about mattress production equipment and much more

As already announced last May on the occasion of the Interzum 2019 Show in Germany, we are pleased to invite you to participate in the following […]