Resta Border machine H307 SHORT

The Resta border machine model H307 Short is a unit to make the mattress border.
The peculiarity of this machine is its multi-needle, double chain stitch, 50cm (60 cm, 100 cm) wide sewing head manufactured by Resta. Being equipped with 80 needle positions, this machine turns out to be extremely versatile, giving the possibility to change the configurations of the border whenever it is necessary with small and easy technical adjustments and to customize the border with accessories such as 3D, tapes, zips, trimmings, mouse tails in different positions and dimensions. The considerable width of the multi-needle sewing head allows even to simultaneously prepare a roll for the perimetral border of the mattress as well as a roll for the fabric handle (patented system).

Same machine, different types of border.

More and more border configurations constantly designed by our technical dept. are available.

Particularly suitable for the production of mattress borders in any dimensions, in continuous mode and at high speed.

The technical quality of the border machines manufactured by Resta, the high quality of the materials employed, the availability of the spare parts, the Resta technicians’ experience and the teleservice in foreign languages for free are very important key features for our customers.


Technische Kennzeichnen

  • Weight: 450 Kg
  • Consumption: 1,5 Kw
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Voltage: 400V – 50 Hz three-phase
  • Max. border width: 500mm
  • 80 needle positions


  • Border measuring and corner marking
  • Cut
  • Large version 60 cm and 100 cm



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