Resta High productivity and flexibility automatic wrapping machine H288 AWSS

Designed to wrap mattresses by choosing the type of packaging

The Resta H288 AWSS automatic wrapping machine is designed to custom-pack mattresses. In fact, it is equipped with a roll holder with up to 5 elements and an automatic system that selects the desired polyethylene roll, thus allowing packaging to be personalized. The patented system makes it possible to select one of the rolls on the machine, and change it automatically. It also allows performing double independent packaging (separate bags) with any of the rolls on the machine.

The press that can be disconnected and the infeed belt conveyor system allow wrapping sommiers, too.
The machine was designed for manufacturers that wrap different brands, which can therefore be loaded simultaneously on the machine, or those who need to frequently change polyethylene for size and thickness requirements.
The sturdiness of Resta wrapping machines has always been synonymous with long life and reliability.
In addition to being able to run both in manual and/or automatic mode, all Resta wrapping machines are also fitted to be interfaced to operating systems, such as bar code or RFID systems within a production line.
Long-term availability of the spare parts, experience of Resta technicians and free multi-language telephone assistance are our strengths.


Technische Kennzeichnen

  • Weight:   4900 Kg
  • Consumption: 10  Kw
  • Compressed Air: 6-10 bar
  • Voltage: 400 V – 50 Hz Three-phase
  • Mattress/divan bases max. dimensions: 2200x2200x350 mm


  • 2 or 4 piston press
  • Reinforced hoist
  • Motorized crib for additional personalization rolls
  • Kit for the removal of polyethylene waste


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