H 220 Usata
3 Juli 2019

Second hand Resta H220 quilting machine

Trap Frame Quilting machine, 3000x3000mm. with medium/light-duty sewing head for the production of bedspreads and quilts and/or comforters, equipped with presser feet and binders. Already fitted […]
Fasciatrice Resta H222 4t
24 Mai 2018

H222 4T – Bordermaschine mit 4 Nähköpfen – günstiges Angebot!

Bordermaschine mit 4 Nähköpfen: 2 Nähköpfe für meherere Stickereien und 2 Nähköpfe mit variablem Nähabstand, um die Border mit Bändchen, 3D usw. zu personalisieren Überholt und […]
1 Januar 2018

Tape edge machine for seated operator

SOLD! FIRST BARGAIN 2018! Tape edge machine for seated operator, with incorporated overturning device. Overhauled lockstitch sewing-head, equipped with three guides. Prompt delivery, special price. Tests […]
29 April 2017

Press complete with roll-pack machine

BARGAIN! PRESS COMPLETE WITH ROLL-PACK MACHINE USED FOR DEMO ONLY. Available for delivery from the beginning of May 2017.
26 Dezember 2016

H237 JM Closing unit for jersey bags

H237 JM  Closing unit for jersey bags, second-hand – warranted
25 Dezember 2016

H226 Roll slitting machine, second-hand – warranted

SOLD!   H226 Roll slitting machine, second-hand – warranted
24 Dezember 2016

H237 Cutting machine, second-hand – warranted

Resta H237  Cutting machine, second-hand – warranted