9 June 2020

Border machine

8 June 2020


TAPE EDGING LINE made up of: nr. 1 x H334 compensating buffer for assembled products to be tape edgednr. 1 x H339 compensating conveyor dimensions 2000x2160mmnr. […]
8 June 2020

Mattress packing machine

1 x H288 RM-4P Mattress packing machine fitted up with infeed ramp and automated packing adjustment. Refurbishment in progress.
8 June 2020

TAPE EDGE MACHINES for mattresses- Traditional and with ergonomic seated and fixed operator position.

8 June 2020

Roll-Pack machine for vacuum-sealed mattresses

1 x H318 SP – Roll-Pack machine for vacuum-sealed mattresses.
8 June 2020

Press for mattress vacuumsealing.

1 x H227 GP – Press for mattress vacuumsealing.
7 June 2020

Shredder machine

3 July 2019

Packing machine

Automatic mattress Packing machine. “Nice Price”.
3 July 2019

Resta H304

Tape Edge Workstation with ergonomic operator seating position and in-built auto flipping mechanism. Refurbished and guaranteed.