Resta Automatic programmable unit H332-07 K

H332-07 K

It allows most of the operations on the borders

The Resta automatic programmable unit H332-07 K is an extremely compact and completely automatized machine enabling most of the operations on the border. It is fed by rolls to obtain cut materials, in order to have a ready border in output to be tape edged on the mattress. Thanks to the Resta multi needle machine H307 in entry, it is possible to stitch the border and the fabric handle simultaneously, to apply customized tapes and 3D, as well as the handle in horizontal position. Furthermore it measures, cuts the border and marks the corners. As a last operation, this machine joins automatically the ends (H331), in order to obtain a finished border ready to be tape edged. Fitted up with one pattern lock stitch sewing head, able to fix the handle with different quilting motifs. It is a real complete, solid and productive unit: its limited sizes reduce to the minimum the waste of materials. It is easily programmable through an interface touch screen.

The technical quality of the Resta automatic units for borders, the high-quality materials employed, the availability of the spare parts, the Resta technicians’ experience and the telephone service in foreign languages for free are remarkable key features for our customers.

Highly recommended for high productions, border automatic production, little waste of material, application of accessories on the border (eyelet, ventilator), border measure and cut.

Data Sheet

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 600 Kg
  • Consumption: 6  Kw
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Voltage: 400V (± 5%) TRIPHASE+T+N


  • Label application

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