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Fully automated lines for the production of mattresses

Resta has distinguished itself over the years for the design and construction of fully automated lines for the production of mattresses. The Resta lines are designed with customers in accordance with their needs, and allow making a series of automations, such as mattress and sommier handling using roller benches, treadmills, orientation systems, direction changes, tilters, rotary tables, etc.

High customization allows us satisfying even the most demanding customers.
By studying production flows, Resta creates automated conveying systems according to each customer’s production type and volume. All types of conveying systems can be interfaced with Resta automatic machines, as well as with those by other brands, and they are also modular, i.e. they can be integrated or reconfigured. The management software is developed by Resta using the latest findings in terms of automation components (PLC, photocells, optical barriers, touch screens, etc.)

In recent years, lines managed by RFID or Qr code systems have been developed which allow the use of lines by a limited number of employees, since most of the settings on the machines are made automatically thanks to the identification of products in an optical manner or via radio wave chips.

Technical quality of Resta production lines, high-quality materials employed, availability of spare parts, experience of the Resta technicians, and the free multi-language telephone assistance service are remarkable key features for our customers.
Particularly suitable for all needs and with high customization.

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