Resta RFID lines with state-of-the-art mattress handling system

Resta RFID

Contactless RFID technology based modular installation

The Resta RFID handling system is a modular installation based on the contactless RFID (Radio Frequency Identificator) technology applied to the industrial automation enabling the production line to be completely autonomous, thanks to the use of specially provided labels (TAGS) and antennas.
Before entering the line, the labels are programmed and printed by inserting the product specifications and the operations to be carried out inside a very thin chip.
Once the labels have been applied to the mattress or the divan base, the game is over!
The product will move along the line, special RFID antennas will detect the “tags” applied and the machines will set automatically to carry out all the operations detected from the label reading, thus making the production line fully autonomous.
The Resta RFID is a state-of-the-art system for handling products and for reducing the intervention of the personnel only to the supervision operation.

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