Resta Traditional quilting machines H220 G2 New

Ideal for medium light stuff in the size

Nowadays technology would never be possible without the contribution of the traditional quilting machines and this is the reason why Resta is still producing the quilting machines Grafo series on request.
Currently the H220 G2 New is offered with a traditional very sturdy mechanics and an up-to-date electronics enabling to have all the advantages of the current technology (touch screen, USB and teleservice via ethernet).
The electronic frame quilting machine is ideal for medium light stuff in the size of 3000×3000mm (3500×3500mm also available on request). High sewing speed up to 3500 stitches per minute.

The technical quality of the Resta historical quilting machines, the high-quality materials employed, the availability of the spare parts, the Resta technicians’ experience and the telephone service in foreign languages for free are very important key features for our customers.

Data Sheet

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 1200 Kg
  • Consumption: 4 Kw
  • Compressed air: 6 bar
  • Voltage: 400V – 50 Hz three-phase

Request information

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