Resta Filling machine H282 N for spring, foam and latex type mattresses

Quickly bags spring, resin and latex mattresses

The Resta H282 N filling machine allows quickly bagging any type of mattress such as spring, resin and latex mattresses. Eight towing elements with wide straps ensure perfect insertion of the mattress inside the bag that wraps it. A motorized conveyor at the machine inlet ensures perfect mattress insertion at the straps mouth.

It allows bagging any size, with width ranging from 400 mm up to 2200 mm, and height from 120 mm up to 400 mm. Moreover, with the “reverse” function, it is also possible to double-bag the same mattress, first with a jersey or tricot protective cover and then with removable lining. It is very simple to use and greatly reduces manual handling of loads and repetition of the same operations.

Technical quality of Resta filling machines, high-quality materials employed, availability of the spare parts, experience of Resta technicians and free multi-language telephone assistance service are remarkable key features for our customers.

Data Sheet

Technical specifications

  • Weight:  2300 Kg
  • Consumption: 10 Kw
  • Compressed Air: 6 bar
  • Voltage: 400 V – 50 Hz Three-phase

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