26 February 2018

Resta Expo 2018

After 37 years the Resta Expo 2018 fixes its face

A real open house is going to take place between the end of March and the beginning of April. For 17 days, three week-ends included, we will welcome you to a real “open space” where you will be able to see all our technological innovations exhibited inside the production lines presently reassembled and extended.
We therefore invite you to visit us upon appointment with our Sales Department.

RESTA EXPO 2018: from 24th March until to 9th April 

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Telefono: +39.0546.620306
e-mail: resta@resta.it

Ms. Edgarda Padovanipadovani.edgarda@resta.it
Ms. Barbara Renzi: renzi.barbara@resta.it

Best regards,
Fair Organization Office

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