20 October 2017

Upgrade your old quilter…

…with a “Resta Retrofit”

The Quilting machines Resta type H220 Grafo 2 and Grafo 3 are nowadays very widespread worldwide because of their sturdy and reliable construction.
A lot of our customers have chosen the Resta Retrofit to prolong their life thus profiting by the new and most recent benefits.

retrofit per trapuntatriciWith just a small investment you will be able to:

– get a touch screen interface of the latest generation which will enable you to fully run the quilting machine and display the pattern design which you are making

– have all the pattern designs available in the machine and upload them by means of a simple USB pen drive (complimentary)

modify the pattern designs directly in the machine (automatic centering, sizes, etc.)

– change the degree of accuracy and even much more

Did we excite your curiosity?

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